Building a Dog House for Man’s Best Friend

When you are doing anything for your best friend, it should only be the best, never mind if it is building a house for your furry companion. As is with human beings, dog houses are not standardised and should not be one that has rolled off the assembly line. Every dog has its own specific needs and space and must be treated as such.

Before you even think of taking up the hammer, nails and planks of wood, plan for the dog house with care. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered the main ones being –

  • The level of the doghouse – The base or floor of the doghouse should sit at a little height above the ground but not as much that will mean that the dog has to step over the a thresh hold. An aged dog will stumble here. The height is to ensure that water does not seep through during monsoons or the ground cold does not seep up in winters.
  • Size of the doghouse – This is very important to ensure that your dog stays comfortably inside. There should be enough space for it to turn around comfortably. However, don’t make it too large. A smaller house ensures that it stays warm through the natural body heat of your pet and this is a big factor in winter. Further, you have to take into your plans, the growth of your dog as it’s not every day that you’ll be building a dog house.
  • Traditionally, a typical dog house has peaked roofs and is made of roll roofing and shingles. But if your pet is one that loves to sit on the roof and survey the surroundings, this roofing should be avoided. It can heat up in summer. Instead, use an ordinary plywood panel and treat it with linseed oil to make it weatherproof. Also, have a gently sloping roof design thereby catering to your pet’s specific behavioural patterns.
  • Finally, a word of caution. Make sure that nails or screws used are driven firmly into the panels to avoid cuts and injuries to your pet.

Doghouses can be made of any materials but conventionally, it is made of wood. As it is kept out in the open and wood being a very poor conductor of heat and cold, wood dog houses are comfortable throughout the year. For the best treated wood buy planks from timber marts or specialised agencies carrying out tree removals. Ensure that the planks have been cured with anti termite solutions and linseed oil to make the doghouse a truly weather resistant structure.

A more elaborate and permanent doghouse can be made from brick and mortar on a raised concrete slab. You can have normal roofing held up by wood rafters. Or better still build a cosy log cabin for your dog and relive your dreams of staying in the Wild West. Wood dog houses are extremely comfortable the year around.

There are thousands of ideas for building a dog house but it ultimately boils down to what’s best for your pet.